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Every single wine is a mosaic of colours, structures and shapes – unique, multifaceted and as colorful as its taste. With our wine mosaic you can read and interpret our artwork on the labels. Find out what taste hides behind the pattern and combines the components to a big picture.

Rock’n’Roll, cheers and see you soon!

Malenka & Niklas Stenner

wine mosaic

With our wine mosaic you can read and interpret our artwork on the labels. Find out what taste is behind the pattern.

Nice to meet you!


Cabernet Sauvignon_Alma

We invite you to our vintage presentation in our courtyard.

Come to our winery on this weekend and try our wine collection. Our village wines from 2021 will be released this weekend, so you can taste them too.

In addition, we open our barn and provide a few places to sit and relax. So you can enjoy your favorite wines directly in the bar with delicious small dishes.

In addition, some other culinary and artistic highlights will be waiting for you. Stay tuned!
Stop by, we look forward to your visit and a great wine weekend!

no pre-registration required

culinary partners:
Vera Vrijburg // Beemster Cheese & Mooi Boutique Café

and more


Wine enjoyment, a view of the Rhine and a live program: the new event “Mainzer WeinUfer” starts at Whitsun (June 3rd to 5th, 2022) on the Rhine promenade in Mainz between the Theodor-Heuss Bridge and the Kaisertor. Experience “wine & enjoyment” in a convivial atmosphere: with wine tastings, insider tips from wine experts and direct exchanges with the winegrowers in a relaxed Mainz atmosphere.

We are represented in a joint booth of the “Mainzer Winzer” and look forward to your visit.

Friday: 15:00 – 24:00
Saturday: 13:00 – 24:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 22:00


Finally we are able to plan folk and wine festivals again!

As usual, you can find us at the Johannisnacht with our wine stand at the Leichhof in the “Mainzer Winzer-viallage” and we are really looking forward to your visit.

Summer Wine
Sonne im Gesicht, Wein im Glas und Musik in den Ohren: Wir laden Euch ein, zusammen mit uns dem stressigen Alltag zu entfliehen und die rheinhessische Lebensart zu genießen. Bringt Eure Familie, Freunde und Lieblingsmenschen mit und läutet mit uns gemeinsam den Sommer ein.
FR 18.00 – 00.00 OPEN AIR
SO 14.00 – 18.00 KREATIVMARKT
fürs leibliche Wohl ist gesorgt
holländischer Käse & mehr von Vera Vrijburg – Mooi Boutique Café
weitere Essensoptionen
Bringt auch gerne eigene Speisen zum Picknicken mit
Die Veranstaltung wird gemäß den aktuell geltenden Corona Bestimmungen durchgeführt. Die bestehenden Regeln werden wir an dem entsprechenden Tag nochmals posten und vor Ort kommunizieren! Bleibt gesund und passt auf euch gegenseitig auf.
Ihr könnt euch gerne ein Plätzchen per Mail reservieren oder ihr kommt spontan.
BAHN 50, 53 & BUS 66
mehr Infos kommen bald


Welcome to the family.

We launched Rainers Riesling in 2018 together with a good friend of us.

Rainer is lively, a happy guy and always funny. And because Rainer doesn’t like to drink alone either, he invites you to enjoy a glass or two with friends. That’s why he got his elegant & fruity wife Ritas Rosé at his side in 2019, so that they can now appear happily as a couple. In winter, high-percentage support came from the creamy Norbert Nut and the berry Heidi Raspberry. Let’s see how the specially created family will grow.

Ordentlich in Schorle werfen

A bird never flew on one wing. We have taken this old wisdom to heart and have teamed up with the idea manufacturers from pinke distel. The result was a great character and an amazing body – fruity, crisp with sparkle. Wonderfully refreshing – that’s our collective spritzer from Mainz! Love at first sip!
There is now a colorful trio, white & rosé wine spritzer and a grape juice spritzer. Open and enjoy!

twin wineries - partnership with another winery in Haifa

Since October 2017, the Vortman winery and we have been members of the “Twin Wineries” initiative, which promotes international exchange and international understanding on a wine basis. The twinning builds on the city partnership Mainz – Haifa, which has existed since 1987.
Now the time has finally come, Malenka and Hai Vortman have exchanged wines that have come a long way. So from 2021 you can buy two wines from Haifa, Fumé Blanc and Carignan, at our wineshop. Both winegrowers are in regular contact, exchange information about current work in the vineyard and share experiences and philosophize about wine. The idea behind this cooperation is that friendships are made, mutual support is given and wine culture is promoted.

Today is for friends, good food, dreaming and wine

Happy mulled wine is the wonderful result of our great cooperation with the Kollektiv Mainz and our beloved design agency Alma. We wanted to create an urban mulled wine for the winter days, which looks special and is a perfect gift. According to the motto “Today is for friends, good food, dreaming and wine” we created a mulled wine for socializing during the gray winter days.

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10:00 – 12:00 h
14:00 – 19:00 h


10:00 – 16:00 h

We are happy to be there for you at any time by appointment.

+49 6131 509 166

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