2022 Bodenheimer Mönchspfad Pinot Blanc
dry 750ml

15,50  *

caramel | eucalyptus | power | vanilla

20,67  / l

mineral • cooked • dried
spicy • salty • smokey
vegetal • sweet • ripe
smooth • flattering
powerful • full-body
dry • low acid

The grapes from the 2022 Mönchspfad Pinot Blanc were picked by hand on September 6th, 2022 and remained on the skins for 8 days. After pressing, the fermenting must went into a used barrique barrel for the final part of fermentation. After a long period of full yeast storage in the barrel, it was able to mature in the bottle for another 9 months before it is now available for sale.

Golden accents are reflected in the glass. As soon as you swirl the wine, your mind is transported to a walk in the forest. Eucalyptus, herbs, acacia tree, moss and forest honey are aromas that are immediately present. The slightly sweet and spicy caramel candy is paired with a fine vanilla note. The Pinot Blanc is bursting with power and presents itself as self-confident and open-hearted. The aromas dance a fiery tango on the tongue and hug you like a soft blanket in autumn days. The Mönchspfad Pinot Blanc resonates for a long time and you can’t get enough of it. Enjoy!

Type: Whitewine
Quality: single vineyard wine
Varieties: Pinot Blanc
Vineyard sites: Bodenheimer Mönchspfad
Contents: 750 ml
Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.
Drinking temperature: 10-13 °C
Residential sugar: 3,3 g/l
Acid: 5,9 g/l
Contains sulfite: yes
Vegan: yes
Product of: Rheinhessen, Germany
Article-No.: 4002
estate bottled:
Weingut Stenner
Grauelstraße 11
55129 Mainz-Hechtsheim

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Weingut Bernhard Stenner GbR
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