Norbert Nuss

6,90  *

Hazelnut liquor

69,00  / l

You open the bottled of Norbert Nut and you feel like you’re in a hazelnut cloud. Thoughts are going to a delicious nut cream and hazelnut ice cream. The taste is completely filled with a strong nut aroma, which stays on the palate for a long time, not too sweet – rather spicy with a fresh hint of lime. It can be enjoyed as an interesting aperitif in sparkling wine, as a delicious digestive or simply at any time. The special taste also unfolds as a topping on vanilla or stracciatella ice cream.
A gift that you can also give yourself.

Type: Liquor
Contents: 100 ml
Alcohol: 20 % vol.
Other allergens: Hazelnut
Purchased product: yes
Product of: Germany
Article-No.: 6003
bottled for:
Nachtfuchs GmbH
Hänleingässchen 1
55116 Mainz

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